The Green Wheelers Electric Bike Company Ltd
We offer a flexible electric bicycle rental service for the more free spirited who desire the freedom to go off and explore on their own.
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Off Road Tours


SATURDAY 14:00hrs to 16:00hrs


Experience the thrill of getting down and dirty in the country on one of our electric mountain bike tours. The Isle of Man is a great place to cycle, and our off road trails are second to none. Each September bikers from all over the world come to the Island to compete in the Manx Telecom End to End Mountain Bike Challenge a 40 mile route from top to bottom.

Our featured routes at South Barrule and Archallegan forest trails, not on the scale of the End to End are both approximately 12 miles in length, easy to ride and great fun.

The tours wend their way through forest tracks, mountain bike trails, greenway lanes with the occasional road work. Our electric mountain bikes are top quality Bergamont Roxtars fitted with Bosch crank motors delivering the power when you need it to tackle the hilly tracks and negotiate the muddy trails.
We offer free transfers from Douglas to South Barrule and Archallegan

Be prepared to get a tad mucky – if you’re not then perhaps we’ve not done our job!

We love it – we know you will too

South Barrule Plantation Car Park
A36 Shoulder Road South Barrule Plantation Isle of Man Isle of Man IM4 3ES United Kingdom