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Tour of Peel and the West


SATURDAY 14:00hrs to 16:00hrs


Peel, known as the Sunset City, is probably the most Manx of all the towns in the Isle of Man tracing its roots back over 8,000 years. St Patrick's Isle, one of the smallest islands in the Irish Sea, first settled by hunter-gathers following the Ice Age and later by Neolithic farmers, then Celts and Vikings. The Vikings or Norsemen settled on the Island and St Patrick's Isle was the site of a wooden fort and signs of a grand building were discovered during archaeological excavations in the 1980’s.

The Isle of Man became the seat of power for the Kingdom of Man and the Isles with Peel as its capital. Your tour of Peel will start in the shadow of Peel Castle, legendary home of the terrifying Moddhey Dhoo. From the castle you will venture on a journey of discovery to the site of the smallest mass produced car, the internment camps of Knockaloe, the legacy of Viking rule at St Johns and how Peel was linked with the sinking of the Lusitania by the Germans in WW1. And what on earth did they get up to on Witches Hill – nothing too pleasant I wager?

There will be time for refreshments on your return to Peel. Free transport to and from Peel can be arranged provided advance notice is given.

Peel Castle
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