Formby Activity Kits
Activity Kits are available to hire, so that you get the best from your visit. Please always book access too if you are booking a Kit, so that we can manage the whole site for everyone to enjoy.
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Map and Compass

There’s nothing quite like having a go and this kit has picture clues, simple written clues and a simple map to enable any group to begin to understand how to use a map and compass.

There are 4 group wallets, each is designed to support 8 participants who share the maps and compasses. The leader could read notes to older children, but there are a set of picture notes which can be used for younger groups or as a visual confirmation for more able students. So young beginners could look at the pictures and use a simple compass, whist more able members of the group could use a more technical compass to navigate from a map or written directions.

This kit is ideal for KS1 or KS2 and will help children:

- To understand how to use a compass

- To follow a route using a compass

- To use verbal and visual clues to identify specific places in the environment

- To collaborate with a partner or in a small group

The kit is designed to be used by 4 groups of up to 8 working separately at any one time. It can be used for several classes throughout the day as required. The routes follow paths and each can be completed in about half an hour, but may take longer depending on how well or how much a compass is used. Routes  A  &  B  follow  one  path  in  opposite  directions  as  do  C  &  D,  so  each  group  could  follow  two  routes,  A  or  B  and  C  or  D. The kit has the information group leaders will need to take you through the session on the day.

The ticket you will get when you book will provide all of the pre-visit information you will need and risk assessment guidance notes. You can access the site to risk assess your visit without charge by showing your ticket at any time between booking and the day of your visit. We require formal groups to have Public Liability Insurance with a minimum indemnity limit of £5,000,000 and to complete a Risk Assessment for their group. 

Please ensure you have booked access for your group along side this kit. We will have to refuse your group access if we are fully booked and will not be able to refund the price of the kit on the day under these circumstances. The cost to hire this kit is £50 with a refundable cash deposit of £50 to pay on arrival which will be returned which will be refunded once the kit is returned.

This kit is available to hire during term time only, based on our local schools as the site can be very busy during school holidays. We may be able to make the kit available for groups on Saturdays during term time, please call 01704 874949 if you would like to explore this with us.

Please note: You will need to pay a deposit by cash or card when you collect your kit to cover any losses.

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