Shiverpool is a rich blend of history, street theatre and storytelling delivered by the prestigious Shiverpool Spirit Guides. Unearthing the hidden histories, folklore, myths and legends of Liverpool.
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Auld City & The Dead House Tour

Auld City & The Dead House Tour

Journey beyond the city streets for the finale of Auld City to a subterranean mortuary room in the very heart of oldest Liverpool.

Meet at the glorious Queen Victoria Monument in the heart of Liverpool's commercial district. On this tour you will encounter Liverpool's earliest history and hidden secrets. Your guide will lead you around Liverpool's seven original streets where you will discover the site of old plague pits, the old Liverpool Gaol, hear tales of the strange ghostly figures seen wandering barefoot along the streets, the site of the Liverpool Castle and the Liverpool Town Hall where apparitions of prisoners have appeared chained against the walls.

Complete your adventure of Auld City and Journey beyond the city streets for the finale to a subterranean morgue visited by Herman Melville named aptly- The Dead House.


  • Explore the original seven streets of Liverpool and its ghostly medieval past
  • Be entertained by a theatrical performance bringing Liverpool's grisly history to life
  • Journey beneath the streets, exclusive to Shiverpool- into the underbelly of Auld Liverpool.

Things to remember:

  • Alcohol and High heels are strictly forbidden
  • This tour concludes in a location that is not open to the public. The steps are old, a little worn down, and can be steep. There is a narrow passageway, therefore, this tour may be unsuitable for anyone who you experiences claustrophobia.
  • This tour is non wheelchair accessible.  Wherever possible Shiverpool always try to accomodate those with mobility issues or disabilities and make our tours inclusive for everyone. Please let us know when you book if you have any disabilities or mobility issues.

Start Location:

The Queen Victoria Monument, Derby Square

End  Location:

Subterranean location, St Nic's Church Yard, Chapel Street.

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