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Mark McGann Album Launch: Perplexed Music 28.02.2019

Replete with instantly memorable melodies, hooks and lyrics, it is a uniquely accomplished homage to the rich song writing heritage of the City of Liverpool and perhaps not unsurprisingly therefore, all artists involved in the making of the album have a strong connection with the city and include: Mark McGann - Guitar/Vocals, Stephanie Grace Kennedy - Guitar/Vocals, Reid Anderson - Vocals, Jesse Eigen – Bass, Dave Ormsby - Drums/Percussion, Joe Smithson Lead Guitar/Vocals, Jack Hymers - Piano/Keyboards,

Financed entirely through Kickstarter, the album is a supplementary project to the internationally acclaimed and multi-award winning film of the same name currently available on Amazon Prime Video, and was recorded and engineered by Chris Taylor at Liverpool’s Parr Street Studios.

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